Graduate Research Highlights

October 2015: Christopher Milleville

Christopher Milleville.

Christopher Milleville, 6th year PhD student in Prof. Watson's group.

Notable Recent Achievements

  • Co-first-author publication: Pelcher, K.E., Milleville, C.C., Wangoh, L., Chauhan, S., Crawley, M.R., Piper, L.F.J., Watson, D.F., Banerjee, S. “Integrating β-PbxV2O5 Nanowires with CdSe Quantum Dots: Toward Nanoscale Heterostructures With Tunable Interfacial Energetic Offsets for Charge Transfer.” Chemistry of Materials (2015) 27(7), 2468−2479.

Research Highlight

"My research focuses on the synthesis of colloidal quantum dots and surface functionalization to build quantum dot-molecule-semiconductor interfaces that promote photoinduced charge-transfer. Specifically, I construct CdSe quantum dot/β-Pb0.33V2O5 nanowire semiconductor heterostructures via linker-assisted assembly and study the kinetics of excited state charge transfer using time-correlated single photon counting and transient absorbance spectroscopy.

I really enjoy the sense of community within the Chemistry Department at UB. With a very friendly atmosphere and plenty of resources available, graduate students at UB have an opportunity to do impactful research while working closely with a distinguished faculty.

When I’m not in the lab doing research I like to watch the local sports teams as well as play roller hockey. I also enjoy going on road trips and exploring areas that are new to me."

Congratulations, Christopher!

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