Graduate Research Highlights

April 2015: Jordan Cox

Jordan Cox.

Jordan Cox, 3rd-year PhD student in Prof. Benedict’s group

Notable Recent Achievements

First-author publication: Cox, J.M.; Walton, I.M.; Patel, D.G.; Xu, M.; Chen, Y.-S.; Benedict, J.B. “The Temperature Dependent Photoswitching of a Classic Diarylethene Monitored by in Situ X-ray Diffraction.” Journal of Physical Chemistry A 2015.

Research Highlight

"I am developing in situ X-ray diffraction techniques to study the structure and photophysics of photochromic molecules. With these techniques we can explore how these molecules respond to stimuli and changes in the local chemical environment.

I really enjoy the atmosphere of the graduate program at UB, the sense of camaraderie and that everyone is working for the common goal of furthering scientific knowledge.

Outside the lab I enjoy reading a good book, taking a walk or a bike ride, and I attend a local martial arts class as well."

Congratulations, Jordan!

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