Tim Pruitt


Tim Pruitt.

Tim Pruitt


Tim Pruitt


Research Interests

Multimodal imagery; vocal imitation; music and language sensorimotor processes; psychophysiology of performance

Contact Information

362 Park Hall

Buffalo NY, 14260-4110

Phone: (716) 645-0200



  • PhD, University at Buffalo, SUNY


The binding theme of courses I teach surveys the methods and practices employed in the psychological sciences. These classes showcase different aspects of the social and behavioral research endeavor. Ranging from design issues covered in Scientific Inquiry, data analysis in Psychological Statistics, and even report composition and dissemination in Communicating for Psychological Sciences. I am a cognitive psychologist by training and additionally teach courses related to the cognitive science disciplines as well.

I not only teach psychology as a science, but actively engage in research related to the field. My academic interests broadly involve auditory perception and cognition, but focus specifically on these processes’ interplay in human vocalization. My recent work has led to incorporating electromyography for examining the relationship between peripheral muscle activity and ongoing cognitive processes.

Selected Publications

  • Pruitt, T.A., Halpern, A.H., & Pfordresher, P.Q. (2019). Covert singing in anticipatory auditory imagery. Psychophysiology, 56, e13297.
  • Pruitt, T.A. & Pfordresher, P.Q. (2015). The role of auditory feedback in speech and song. Journal of Experimental Psychology: Human Perception and Performance, 41, 152-166.