Akram Shibly Selected as Sundance Doris Duke Fellow

Akram Shilby along with the other Doris Duke fellows.

Akram (far right) photographed in Sundance along with the other 2024 Doris Duke fellows

Akram Shibly (BA '15) has been chosen as one of 2024's Doris Duke Artist Fellows at Sundance. The funding from the Doris Duke foundation aims to propel U.S. Muslim creators, expand access to the entertainment industry and amplify diverse narratives. This is their innaugral year partnering with the Sundance Film Festival, offering this fellowship to a select few filmakers and artists. We are thrilled for Akram to be part of this select group, and are excited to see his work as a fellow. If you'd like to follow along Akram's journey, you can follow his Substack.