Juan Carlos Zaldivar's Film 'Merope' Wins Multiple Awards

Promotional still for Juan Carlos Zalvidar's short film Merope (collage by Amy Ernst).

Promotional poster for the short film Merope (collage by Amy Ernst)

DMS professor Juan Carlos Zaldivar's latest short film, Merope, a dance film made for the Sedona Chamber Ballet with collages by Amy Ernst and music composed by Christel Veraart, was recently named:

• 2024 Winner Best Dance Film at the Consonance Music Dance Film Festival, Tbilisi, Georgia (International project MoviExpa)

• 2024 Winner Best Composer of the Future at the Cannes World Film festival

• 2024 Winner of “Best Film Soundtrack” by 9th Film Music Festival Los Angeles

Merope follows a personification of the homonymous hidden star in a dance narrative about breaking free from captivity and victimization, towards emancipation and visibility.