Professor Laura Kraning's Fracture screens at Antimatter 2021

Extreme close-up of textured pattern of a still from film Fracture, 2020, by Professor Laura Kraning.

Fracture, 2020, by Professor Laura Kraning

DMS professor Laura Kraning's film FRACTURE will screen as part of the Antimatter Media Art festival in person and online next week.

Screening: Thursday, October 21 

Streaming online: Friday, October 22

Encompassing screenings, installations, performances and media hybrids, Antimatter Media Art provides a noncompetitive setting in Victoria, British Columbia, free from commercial and industry agendas. FRACTURE is screening with the "Ruins in Reverse" program at the Deluge Contemporary Arts theatre in British Columbia.

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"FRACTURE mines the slips between stillness and motion, as cracks and fissures of bark and stone are spliced and layered, frame by frame, intersecting slices of time. Gathered and assembled over two years, the scarred surfaces of tree limbs and stratified rock collide with slabs of marble and clusters of moss, crystallizing into a flickering mirage of radiating branches and splintered veins of iridescence." -- from Laura Kraning's website.