Media Study Faculty and Alumni awarded NYSCA 2024 Support for Artists Grants

Congratulations to Department. of Media Study faculty and alumni who were awarded NYSCA FY2024 Support for Artist grants!

View of Lewuga Benson's installation of "The Land Gives Until It No Longer Can" which shows an oil drum hanging in the foreground, three hanging screens, one with an close-up image of a Black man wearing a winter cap and glasses. Several visitors are standing towards the back of the room.

Léwuga Benson's installation The Land Gives Until It No Longer Can

Poster image for Kalpana Subramanian's "Breath Worlds" with Squeaky Wheel and NYSCA logos, showing a multi-colored splash of textured light against a black background.

Poster for Kalpana Subramanian's Breath Worlds courtesy of the artist

A simple line drawing of a slightly larger sphere in the center flanked by a horizontal row of 8 slightly smaller spheres (4 on each side). Behind the spheres are 4 concentric circles connecting each of the 4 pairs of spheres.

Image from Elia Vargas's Heliotechnics/Heliotechniques courtesy of the artist