DMS Grad Seminar Media Art Exhibition

DMS Grad Seminar II Show poster.

DMS Grad Seminar II Show poster

Tonight 9-11 pm

 A website exhibition of the work of students from Media Study, Theater and Dance, Critical Museum Studies and Transnational Studies. 

 Please join us and explore our website exhibition representing graduate student work in film, curation, performance, gaming and Covid.

Website will open after the DMS show at 9pm tonight.


Student Presenters:

Léwuga Benson (This Mutt)

This Mutt is a media literacy project that explores and critiques the way in which blackness is perceived and represented in the news media.

Yao Kahlil Newkirk (Let the Examination Begin…)

Let the Examination Begin… explores who you choose to be vs. who you are qualified to be.  The project is inspired by the U.S. Citizenship examination process.

Joan Nobile (House Flipper Art Gallery / Author’s Notes)

House Flipper Art Gallery is a virtual art gallery created in the video game “House Flipper.” Author’s Notes is a semi-autobiographical video game exploring online fandom, depression, abuse, and loneliness.

Isabella Nurt (Let Me Tell You About My Family)

Let Me Tell You About My Family is a series of documentary shorts about the filmmaker’s eccentric relatives and their ties to one another through poems, inside jokes, and missing urns of their grandpa’s ashes.

Aleksander Ogadzhanov (Water and Light)

Water and Light is a video project that explores performance art, sound manipulation, and communication with plants.

Christopher Stenzel (Personal Connections)

Personal Connections is a curated collection of items by the UB Grad Seminar II Art Exhibition Class members.

Bernadette Scott (Rez Life in COVID-19)

Rez Life in COVID-19 portrays the honesty of the pandemic on individuals living in the Rez.

Yuxuan Xia (Rona)

Rona explores the chaotic/disordered pandemic crisis and its handling by our political leadership.