Jason Livingston screens film at the National Gallery of Art and Tacoma Film Festival!

"Ancient Sunshine” will screen October 8 in the upcoming Tacoma Film Festival in the program: “Nature is a Language".

"Ancient Sunshine”  

Ancient Sunshine" screened at the National Gallery of Art in Washington, DC on Sept 24, alongside James Benning’s “The United States of America,” a program developed in conjunction with American Silence: The Photographs of Robert Adams,


"Ancient Sunshine”  will screen October 8 in the upcoming Tacoma Film Festival in the program: “Nature is a Language"


Ancient Sunshine | United States | 20 | Jason Livingston | 

A fossil cast in plastic, an artificial plateau, classic cars running on the fumes of the nation. Ancient Sunshine marks a path through fossil fuel extraction and climate defense in the American West. The film proposes solidarity against the violence by which "earth" becomes "resource." 

Utah Tar Sands Resistance has been fighting experimental mining in the Tavaputs Plateau for almost a decade, setting up camp every summer in sight of heavy equipment and construction crews. The film asks, how might the concept of horizontalism be applied to the physical horizon, its decimation, and to capital's propensity for vertical extrication? 

Ancient Sunshine interweaves the endless remaking of the Western landscape with labor history, reflections on anarchist organization, and interspecies economies. Ancient Sunshine consists of interviews with the Utah Tar Sands Resistance primary organizers and other Utah land protectors, and sets their voices in and against an industrialized landscape. The film presents an array of voices, drawing attention to the role of resistance and kinship during times of threat and extinction. Toward a poetic solidarity, toward a formal politics.