Build Your Own Transmitter Workshop

Thursday, May 16th from 1-5:00 PM in the Lab.

Thursday, May 16th from 1-5:00 PM in the Lab

Visiting artist, Emiddio Vasquez will be in residence during the week of the festival to prepare a musical score for the finale weekend using radio transmitters. During this workshop participants will collaborate with Emiddio and UB Media Study faculty Jason Geistweidt and his students to make their own FM transmitters originally designed by radioartist Tetsuo Kogawa. They will have the opportunity to contribute to the musical score including the possibility of performing with the Indeterminacy Ensemble during the festival weekend event PastFuture/FuturePast. Ages 14 and up, materials will be included in cost of participation.


Come be part of the Festival, make noise, be indeterminate.


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