Media Study featured in Art in the Open

This Thursday, October 28, 2021 from 5-9PM at the Center for the Arts, work of artists from the UB College of Arts and Sciences will be showcased, with screenings, installations, performances, and other activities curated and produced by UB students, faculty and staff from the Departments of Media StudyArtArts ManagementUB Art GalleriesMusicTheatre and Dance and the Arts Collaboratory. It's a free event! Come meet students and faculty and check out the wealth of creativity happening in our spaces!

Media Study's participants include:

Atrium Bridge: Martin Freeman – For The Birds

On the monitor in the corridor: Blake Barit – Let Go (7:21)

CFA 232: Single channel work by::
Blake Barit – Flag (2:54)
Olu Akanbi – Ghost Town (10:00)
Michael Chernoff – The Libertarian (4:03)
Jack Kinkaid – Entity X (6:07)

CFA 235: Single channel work by:
Ishween Jolly – Sikh Empire (4:25)
Jack Kinkaid – 53 (3:35)
Kalpana Subramanian – Woolgathering (3:27)
Michael Chernoff - $50.00 Video Production (6:05)
Blake Barit – Journey to Sunrise (7:32)

Along the South Corridor (to the right):
Professor Jason Geistweidt's DMS 550 Physical Computing class's installations featuring: Martin Freeman, Tim Georger, Joan Nobile, Alex Solomon, Kayleigh Young, and Xuwen Zhang

DMS 551, Physical Computing, introduces basic concepts and techniques for designing, constructing, and programming objects, spaces, and media that sense and respond to their physical surroundings. Students this semester are working on a variety of incursions into physical space, the first of which is the focus of this installation: narrative circuits. Taking our cue from Anthony Dunne’s assertion that many of the technological media we encounter are post-optimal in nature – deriving their significance less from their affordances and more from the stories created around/about them – participants have been charged with building fully-functional useless circuits rendered in a Manhattan, or otherwise volumetric style. The accompanying narratives contextualize the circuits within a cultural dialogue. Viewers are encouraged to interact with the media.

CFA 246:
Joan Nobile’s DMS 103 Basic Video – A Day In The Life of DMS 103 (10:15) featuring work by Katie Daugherty, Aneesh Kompally, Augustine Peprah-Frimpong II, Anais Puentes, Parker Tackley, Nyasia Talbot, and Axel Turpin

CFA 258A Open Studio: Vav Vavrek

CFA 258B Open Studio: Joan Nobile

CFA 270: Michael Chernoff – Weather Service Alert (7:01)

CFA 271 Open Studio: Michael Chernoff

CFA 278:
Professor Sama Waham’s DMS 418/518 Innovative Video Class featuring work by Courtlin Byrd, Michael Chernoff, Medford Deforest, Jesse Rodkin, Jack Kinkaid, Nicholas Criscitello, Quentin Jarzynski