Mani Mehrvarz and Maryam Muliaee's film entitled: WORK as part of the Buffalo Documentary Project.



Mani Mehrvarz and Maryam Muliaee.

 Mani Mehrvarz and Maryam Muliaee

We're happy to announce the release of Mani Mehrvarz  and Maryam Muliaee's film entitled: WORK as part of the Buffalo Documentary Project.  It's release was announced by Buffalo Rising at: 

"Formed in 2016, Buffalo Documentary Project (BDP) is the brainchild of husband-and-wife documentary filmmakers Mani Mehrvarz and Maryam Muliaee, who recently earned PhDs at University at Buffalo, in its Department of Media Study. By taking a look at their work, we can identify with their inspirations behind their practice. Together along with a team of artists, filmmakers, researchers, and educators, Mehrvarz and Muliaee have set out to tell the Buffalo story, in ways that it typically is not told."