Recent news from DMS PhD candidate, Kalpana Subramanian

Tattva (2018) 4’, by Kalpana Subramanian.

Tattva (2018) 4’, by Kalpana Subramanian


Kalpana Subramanian's article on Laura Kraning's film, Meridian Plain, is now available to read in the peer-reviewed journal, Papers on Language and Literature.

It is part of a special issue on Landscape, Travel and Gaze, in Experimental FIlm and Video edited by Kornelia Boczkowska.

"Esoteric Archaeologies and Interplanetary Becoming in Laura Kraning's Meridian Plain," Papers on Language and Literature, Southern Illinois University Press, Spring, 2021.



Kalpana Subramanian also has an upcoming conference paper presentation at the Society for Cinema and Media Studies Conference, on breath poetics in women's experimental film.

Panel Details:

SESSION J – 10:00 AM Central Time, March 19th, 2021.

J2 Multisensory Media: Embodied Technologies in Experimental Film and Video /

Chair: John Powers, Washington University in St. Louis

Respondent: Susan Felleman PhD, University of South Carolina

John Powers, Washington University in St. Louis, “Foregrounding Physicality: The Bolex H-16 Camera, Time Lapse Cinematography, and Experimental Filmmaking”

Kalpana Subramanian, State University of New York at Buffalo,

“Cinema Beyond Senses: A Transcultural Poetics of Breath in Women’s Experimental Film”

Gregory Zinman, Georgia Institute of Technology, “‘Video Déjà vu?’: Nam June Paik and Video Walls as an Artistic Medium”



Tattva a short experimental film by Kalpana Subramanian, screens as part of Flaherty NYC 2021: To Feel, To Feel More, To Feel More Than curated by Alia Ayman, Devon Narine-Singh, and Suneil Sanzgiri on April 2nd, 2021.