Filmmaker Roger Beebe 16mm Screening and Workshop

Beebe projecting his multi-screen films.

Roger Beebe screening Last Light of a Dying Star"

In conjunction with his public screening and performance at Hallwalls Contemporary Arts Center, the Department of Media Study is hosting filmmaker Roger Beebe to conduct a workshop on creating cameraless films using a laser printer and clear 16mm leader. 


March 29, 2022 at 7PM at Halllwalls Contemporary Arts Center


From Arts Knoxville:

“Roger Beebe doesn’t just make short films–he performs them. Projectors are his instruments, and he lines up eight of them in the back of a theater in order to cast multiple distinct images on screen at once, stacking snippets of sampled celluloid to create a dizzying collage of movement and color. Turn around while watching one of his shorts, and you’ll see Beebe himself frantically racing from reel to reel, loading up celluloid loops and orchestrating all their cues to land just right. Beebe insists that his laboriousness is not the show–the screen is–but the human element of Beebe’s plate spinning is the essential component of the work.”


Scanned black and white frames from Beebe's film "TB TX Dance".

March 30, 2022 from 3:00-6:00PM at Center for the Arts 246

Cameraless Filmmaking: Laser Printing on 16mm Film

In this workshop, Beebe will explore the process of printing image and sound on 16mm film using a simple black-and-white laser printer.  Participants will make a series of short (10-second) loops as we work through increasing levels of complexity from using simple textural patterns to working from video footage and doing frame-accurate registration.  The workshop will conclude with a discussion of multiple-projector performance, where we explore how these short loops can be built into larger symphonic structures using a battery of 16mm projectors.

This workshop is open to all UB students. However, seating may be limited, so please register in advance here: