DMS PhD candidate, Azalia Muchransyah, participating in a public workshop event

Public workshop event | "Digital Activism in and outside the Classroom".

 Public workshop event | "Digital Activism in and outside the Classroom"

The Global Digital Humanities Working Group presents: A public workshop event, "Digital Activism in and outside the Classroom."

Friday, April 2, 6-8.30pm (EST)

Zoom link:

Meeting ID: 918 7623 6390
Passcode: 376840

Workshop participants:
  1.  Emil Corb (Williams College, US): "Poverty and Class in the Search Engine: A Case Study for Shaping Museum Collection Data Around Issues of Equity."
  2.  Elizabeth Gleesing (Syracuse University, US): Counter-Surveillant Constraint in Digital Documentary Media."
  3.  Qamar Jafri (RMIT University, Australia): "Covid-19 and Higher Education: Youth Activism for E-Pedagogy Rights in Pakistan."
  4.  Leng Junxiao (University of Tokyo, Japan): "Connections Behind Sexual Violence: Space, Trauma, and Protest in Japan's Flower Demonstration."
  5.  Carrie Karsgaard (University of Alberta, Canada): "Protecting West Coast Lifestyles on Coast Salish Territory: Vancouver-Based Pipeline Resistance on Instagram."
  6.  Azalia Muchransyah (SUNY Buffalo, US): "HIV PARA-DOC: Media Activism and the Paradoxes of HIV Advocacy in Indonesia."
  7.  Rukimani PV (University of Rochester, US): "'Deportation Terror' and the Production of Counter-Surveillance Technologies as a Performative Methodological Strategy of Resistance."
  8.  Dakoda Trithara (University of Calgary, Canada): "'Does this Unit Have a Soul?': Game Developers' Perspective on Creating Worlds for Digital Activism."

This event is hosted by the Department of Modern Languages and Cultures at the University of Rochester and sponsored by the Central New York Humanities Corridor through an award by the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation.

See you there!