Maryam Muliaee, Gender Institute Fellowship Recipient


Maryam Muliaee, still from Recycled Series, 2018.

Maryam Muliaee has been just awarded the 2019-2020 Gender Institute Dissertation Fellowship for her project, “Revisiting the Urban: Feminist Media Archeologies as Countermapping.”  This award represents the Institute’s recognition of the outstanding promise of her dissertation research on issues related to gender. The competition for Dissertation Fellowships was extremely strong this year, and this award is a significant recognition of the accomplishment and promise of her work.

A well-deserved recognition for an exceptional scholar! Congratulations Maryam!

About the artist:

Maryam Muliaee is a media artist-researcher and PhD candidate in Media Study at the University at Buffalo, where she teaches as an adjunct as well. Her current projects focus on media archaeology, failure, haptic image, the notions of place/space and mapping, ranging from video/sound installation to projection art and locative media. Her dissertation focuses on feminist media archaeologies and art practices that involve an embodied and grounded approach to the themes of place and city. Maryam has been the art director for various documentary productions and interdisciplinary art projects over the last ten years. Her work has been exhibited and screened in galleries and juried festivals around the world since 2007.