Media Study Students in UB's 2022 Academic Excellence Student Showcase

FRI3ND- Famous Clark.

FRI3ND- Famous Clark

The two-part event will take place on April 27 in two new locations: the Student Showcase will be held from 1-2:45 p.m. in Alumni Arena, with the Celebration Ceremony following at 3:30 p.m. in the Student Union Theatre.

Student Showcase by School/College - Celebration of Academic Excellence - University at Buffalo

DMS Student presenters:


Put yourself in the shoes of a struggling artist: everything is too expensive and you cannot get your artwork to sell for much. However, the more you work and the harder you try, you may one day be able to hit your lucky stride and become a successful artist. This is a piece of visual code-based work with a focus in user input and interactivity. In other words, it is a simple video game. Based in Javascript, this game utilizes color and shape manipulation to simulate a virtual canvas. Incorporated into the code is a blind auction calculator as well as an interactive store. This project is made to feel like a playground of individualistic creativity; no two people are going to have the same experiences. With more play correlating to more in-game possibilities, interaction is encouraged and promoted for further progress.

FRI3ND- Famous Clark

FRI3ND is a prototype project that seeks to leverage modern notions of intra- activity and queer media in conversation with modern virtual-agent and human-computer interaction. The project is designed in a text adventure format in which users/players engage in dialogue with virtual-agents that diverge from the quintessential subservience of anthropocentric whims. The agents gain their divergence through reliance on input from the user/player and continual dialogue which is stems from GPT-3 AI. Model. In this fashion, the agents and humans engage in a game of self-assertion that is unique to each iteration of the project.

POVERTY SIMULATOR- Mohammed Azman, Huang Chen & Alexander Gabrielsen

What is poverty? Is it a classification? Does it mean that someone who is in poverty does not have enough food or money to survive? Or does it mean that people who are in poverty cannot afford things of luxury such as entertainment devices or being able to buy what they want? According to the United Nations, being in poverty means that you meet or almost meet the basic needs of food, clothing, and shelter. With this definition, our game teaches as well as allows the player to feel the hardships and decisions of someone in poverty. Taking place during the great depression, the players play as a day-to-day factory worker with the objective being to pay off your debt and ultimately purchase a house in which will allow the player to escape renter's hell. Do you have what it takes to strategize how you spend both your money and time?