Media Study 2022 Academic and Student Show Awards

production still from Mr. Sisyphus (Jedi Khang , 2021, 8:52).

production still from Mr. Sisyphus (Jedi Khang , 2021, 8:52)

Department of Media Study 2022 Academic Awards:
Gregory Capasso Memorial Award: Kacey Dargout
Outstanding Senior: Kacey Dargout
Levy-King-White Award: Iam Monroe
Pierre McAloon Memorial Awards: Andrew Follette, Sara Grossman, Haven Nguyen, Olivia Paolini, Elle Regan, and Siyu Wu


Media Study Student Show 2022 Awards:

Social Issue in View: Cold Feet, (Elle Regan, 2021, 5:24)

Best Undergrad Non-Fiction Film: Condition of Cattle (Tristan Gellatly, 2021, 3:41)

Best Undergrad Experimental Film: Through the Eyes of a Child (Jill Kotwica, 2022, 2:27)

Best Undergrad Narrative Awards: Mr. Sisyphus (Jedi Khang , 2021, 8:52), The Mime (Thomas Kowalski, 2019, 8:32)

Best Undergrad Game/Coding Project: The Basement (Elle Regan, 2021, 5 mins)

Best Graduate Films: Receiving (Blake Berit, 2022, 7:20) and Beep Boop Bring Bring Awuga (Jesse Rodkin, 2022, 8:30)

Best Graduate Project: Tim Georger, high tide, flood'd (2022)