Six DMS Films Selected for 2018 Binghamton Student Experimental Film Festival!

Published November 1, 2018

Make.Media.Matter poster image.

The selections for Binghamton University's 2018 Student Experimental Film Festival program has been announced and of the 19 films selected for the festival, 6 of them were made by UB Media Study students! The festival takes place Friday, Nov. 16th-17th, 2018.  

Festival Info

The DMS films include:

Service Industry (Annette Daniels Taylor, 6 min, 2017)

Scoby Dam Park (David Jeff, 4 min, 2018)

The Silo's Sway (Petar Odazhiev, 3 min, 2018)

Blue Film (Azalia Muchransyah, 4 min, 2017)

very serious (Evan Porter Hurlburt, 8 min, 2018)

Strangers in Familiar Places (Lee Terwilliger, 4 min)