Screening, Talk and Q&A by Kalpana Subramanian at Tiff Bell Light Box

Mystical Affinities: Female Perspectives on Brakhage

Published October 3, 2018

Mystical Affinities: Female Perspectives on Brakhage.

This programme of works by female filmmakers made in response to Brakhage will be introduced by two presentations. Kalpana Subramanian will talk about her recent films and research — which uses a transcultural and interdisciplinary lens to examine Brakhage’s radical experimentations with light and its relationship with embodiment and breath — while Ara Osterweil, author of the recent study Flesh Cinema: The Corporeal Turn in American Avant-Garde Film, will further discuss the charged and sometimes fraught friendship between Brakhage and Carolee Schneemann.

The screening will include films by Carolee Schneemann, Barbara Hammer, Jennifer Reeves, Kalpana Subramanian, Mary Beth Reed and Izabella Pruska-Oldenhof. Osterweil, Subramanian, and Pruska-Oldenhof will be present for the Q&A session.

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